Mission, Quality policy statement and Company Values, GDPR

Electron Mec is committed to provide world best in class products and services to high tech customers in Europe, meeting and exceeding their requirements.

To achieve our mission we rely on:

1) Our certified quality management system 

  • Clear procedures definition
  • Accurate control on all process steps
  • Results analysis and corrective actions implementation

2) Electron Mec’s core values

  • An ethical behaviour in all intenal and external relations with stakeholder, building on reciprocal trust and honesty
  • The awareness that customers and quality are at the center of our activities
  • The appreciation of people value and the certainty that team work matters
  • International mind set implying respect for all genders, cultures, believes and races
  • Respect for the environment
  • Curiosity and passion for technology

3) General Data Protection Regulation

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