Probing & Testing (cryo, vacuum, pressure)

Improved CV and IV thermal measurement capabilities using the Patented AttoGuard

In capacitance measurements the AttoGuard is shorted to the MicroChamber instrument shield ground, providing a constant residual capacitance. Much like a Faraday cage, the AttoGuard presents a constant potential to the wafer regardless of the position of the chuck. The MicroChamber and AttoGuard extend the triaxial measurement environment to on-wafer disciplines

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WLT of MEMS sensors with Pressure Probe Module

The MEMS industry is growing rapidly yet early testing is still a much neglected area. There are many reasons why testing prior to packaging. In addition to electrical stimulation, devices may require testing using sound, light, vibration, fluidics, pressure, temperature, chemical or force stimulation. The devices may require testing in a controlled atmosphere to protect the device from environmental damage or to correctly simulate the environment the device will operate in once packaged.

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