Pull/Shear Testing

Importance of bond strenght measurementThe importance of bond strength measurement

Bond strength measurement is important because it is directly related to product success, customer satisfaction and profitability. To serve this need, a modern bond test system must be capable of accurately testing bond wires, solder bumps, dies, leads, chips and lids, as well as other applications with strengths varying from a few grams of force to as much as hundreds of kilograms of force.

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Tweezer test on copper wiresTweezer test on copper wires

Many bond strength tests require a means to grip the part so that the strength of its bond can be tested. Examples include solder ball pull (often referred to as CBP) and ribbon peel. In many of these applications the geometry and force of the grip must be precisely controlled to ensure sufficient force can be applied to the bond but without the act of griping affecting the bond itself. To cater for this XYZTEC developed a new generation of tweezer with both a precise gripping action and the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications.

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