Wafer Bonding


Temporary Wafer Bonding by adhesives

The XBS300 is a 200/300mm high volume manufacturing ready temporary bonder system that supports all commercially available adhesives for 3D-IC. The new platform is based on the ACS300 Gen2 and designed for release layer and adhesive deposition as well as all the process steps required for temporary bonding. In addition, the new XBS300 features integrated multi-point thickness measurement for determining the post bond TTV (total thickness variation). It is compatible with silicon carriers as well as same size and oversized glass carriers. Currently the TMAT, Brewer Science® ZoneBOND™ and 3M™ Wafer Support System are qualified on the XBS300.

Complete Application Note available here and brochure here.


Low-Temperature Wafer Bonding for MEMS Hermetic Packaging Using Sub-micron Au Particles

The study of wafer level hermetic bonding using sub-micron gold particles with the mean diameter of 0.3_m was conducted at bonding temperature of 150 – 300 °C with varying bonding pressure in the range of 50 – 100 MPa. 4.5 mm-square, 10 μm – 100 μm-wide seal line patterns of sub-micron Au particles were formed on Si or glass wafers by means of wafer level processing using photolithography and slurry filling technique.

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