Core competences

  • Product developing and prototyping
  • Technical support and manual equipment for R&D laboratories
  • Integrated solutions for production lines from wafer to package
  • Environment control (Cleanrooms, wet benches, facilities)

Equipment portfolio

  • wafer photolithography
  • GaAs, GaN deep etching
  • electrical probing
  • shear test at wafer level
  • dicing of wafer or singulation of PCB substrate
  • die/wire bonding
  • pull/shear test on final assembly
  • glob top
  • cleanrooms, wet benches
  • gas/water treatments and facility services


Related information

Fully automated LED wafer testing
A leading LED (Light Emitting Diode) manufacturer approached XYZTEC with an interesting challenge. They wanted to integrate 100% gold ball shear testing in their production lines of 2 and 4 inch LED wafers, while reducing labor costs.
click here for full description and video.

Singulation of LEDs on PCB substrates
LED packaging usually consists of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) upon which the LEDs are mounted. The PCB is composed of layers of copper and FR4/5 or BT resin. In some configurations, a clear plastic lens is also diced during package singulation. Typical thicknesses are 0.3 – 2 mm. Major Considerations: Copper burrs, Chipping, Smearing.
Suggested dicing saw:7100 ProVectus LA, Automation and quality control, vision capabilities for multi panel large area up to 9″x12″.
Suggetsed blade:2” serrated “T”,”V” & ”Z” type Nickel Blades; Diamond grit size: 10,13 & 17 microns; Thickness: .004” – .014″.
Suggested process parameters: Feed rate: 80-150 mm/sec, Spindle speed: 25-30 krpm; Multi panel mounting on UV tape.