for polycristalline, concentration, thin film technologies

Core competences

  • Technical support and manual equipment for R&D laboratories
  • Integrated solutions for production lines from wafer to panel
  • Facilities engineering (supply of gasses, chemicals, DI water, piping,…)
  • Environment control solutions (Cleanrooms, facility services)

Equipment Portfolio

  • Doping and firing ovens
  • metallizations
  • photolithography
  • electrical probing
  • dicing of substrates
  • die/wire bonding for solar concentration cells
  • ribbon peeling test on cells
  • cleanrooms
  • gases treatment, waste water and facility services


Related information

Solar cell ribbon peeling
The mechanical, electrical and thermal quality of ribbon bonds to the silicon solar cell they are mounted to is important to optimise yield, electrical efficiency and life expectancy. Such bonds can be tested using a ribbon peel test where the force required to peel (break) them and the observed failure mode are used to characterise quality.
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