Power Devices

Core competences

  • Technical support and manual equipment for R&D laboratories
  • Wide range of automatic equipment for production lines
  • Packaging designing and prototyping
  • High Current/High Voltage probing

Equipment Portfolio

  • wafer photolithography (coating, UV exposure, develop and etching)
  • high current/high voltage probe stations and accessories
  • dicing for wafers, ceramics or PCBs
  • die bonding
  • reflow ovens in atmosphere (N2,H2, Formic acid, …) or vacuum
  • thin and heavy gold, aluminium and copper wire bonding
  • Ultrasonic flip-chip bonding
  • pull/shear (high power) test on final assembly
  • silicon glob top


Related Information

Characterization of power devices on wafer/die level
Tesla System for on-wafer measurements designed for: High Current (>1A); High Voltage (>500V); Thin Wafers for power application.
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CondorHF150Shear test up to 500 Kg on IGBT modules
XYZTEC presents the first automatic 500 kgf power module shear tester. Reliability test on ultra sonic welded copper power modules. Main application:Bipolar junction transistor,Bootstrapping,FGMOS,Power electronics,Power MOSFET,Solar inverter,Variable‐frequency drivers.
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