Since fifty years we provide complete solutions to design, develop and manufacture Micro and Nano devices.

Our activities are progressively spreading  into more traditional markets as  innovative materials, high end technologies, stringent quality standards are now required.

Communictions is our core business since the early 60′s. Our long partnership with the key players of this market allows us to provide our customers with consultancy, equipment and materials for photonic and HF electronic devices manufacturing.

Some examples of our solutions to meet this market requirements:

  • Solutions for III-V materials (LiNbO3, GaAS, GaN…) process. Soft handling in all process steps; wide specific recipes library for etching and TSV processes
  • Litho processes for waveguide manufacturing
  • Packaging design and prototyping
  • Complete probing set up for high frequency (up to TeraHz) testing and characterization (including tuners, noise measurements, accessories)