Fossil & Renewable Energies

Since fifty years we provide complete solutions to design, develop and manufacture Micro and Nano devices.

Our activities are progressively spreading  into more traditional markets as  innovative materials, high end technologies, stringent quality standards are now required.

Electron Mec supplies advanced solutions to companies involved in the different types of energies, from the traditional fossil till the most recent renewable energies. We serve the oil industry, concentration PV for space and civil applications, thin film and crystalline PV industries.

Some examples of our solutions to meet the market requirements:

  • Complete R&D and production lines for PV concentration cells manufacturing
  • Deep know-how and wide range of equipment for thin film and crystalline PV manufacturing (thermal processes, plasma processes, testing)
  • environmental concepts and systems for the treatment and purification of gases and liquids (i.e. waste gases and contaminated water) required particularly in PV industry
  • Burn-in ovens and performance qualification testing of down-hole electronic logging equipment simulating oil drilling  contitions
  • Composite curing ovens for carbon fiber parts in the aerospace industry and wind mills