Customized high-tech adhesives for our customers in all areas of business, from microelectronics to display technology to the smart card industry to photovoltaics.

DELO-CA cyanoacrylates allow fast curing within seconds, especially of small bonding areas.

DELO-DUALBOND adhesive. These radiation-curing adhesives offer the possibility to combine light curing with heat curing or humidity curing.

DELO-DUOPOX, two-component epoxy resins. They cure at room temperature after mixing. Good adhesion, high resistance to chemicals, and excellent mechanical properties.

DELO-GUM are suitable for permanently elastic and highly flexible joins.

DELO-KATIOBOND photoinitiated-curing epoxy resins, as chip encapsulants for fast in-line processes, or as sealants with a high water barrier effect for applications in organic electronics.

DELO-ML methacrylates cure under exclusion of air and the catalytic influence of metal ions.

DELOMONOPOX one-component epoxy resins, to heat-curing cationic products and heat-curing acrylates.

DELO-PHOTOBOND Photoinitiated-curing acrylates.

DELO-PUR polyurethanes give good tough-elastic properties and excellent strength.

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Innovative system technology around adhesive curing and dispensing

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