Ashing Systems


Plasma Ashing

The removal of photoresist masks after processes such as etching and ion implantation, is one of the most important and frequently performed steps in front-end semiconductor manufacturing.

PVA TePla is the market leader for batch plasma ashers using microwave excitation and also offers Microwave Single Wafer Ashers. Microwave plasma is ideal for resist removal in modern device fabrication, since it produces a very high concentration of chemically active species along with low ion bombardment energy, guaranteeing fast ash rate and a damage-free plasma process at an economic cost level.

Typical device markets served are:


•Mixed signal devices, CMOS, Bipolar

•Power devices

•High Brightness-LEDs

•MEMS, SAW-Devices, SU-8 removal

•Flat Panel Displays (PLEDs)

•III/V-compound materials


•Nano Imprint Lithography, stamper clean


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