Clean Rooms


Modular clean rooms

Softwall clean room, realized with aluminium frame and clear vinyl for
applications from Class ISO 8 up to Class ISO 5, assures a great flexibility(any size and classification). Fast and easy installation.
Government regulations and manufacturing standards now routinely require contamination control. Ensuring quality, protecting against airborne contaminants and temperature fluctuations, shielding against ultra-violet rays and isolating procedures are all operations which have become an integral part of manufacture in many industries.

AIR LOCK Enclosure System

You can quickly and reliably build a cleanroom of Class ISO 8 up to Class ISO 5 with the AIR LOCK Enclosure System – and AIR LOCK can be custom designed for your application.The structure can be adapted to accept various filtration and lighting units.Walls can be constructed from a variety of materials,from soft, clear vinyl to coloured and antistatic vinyl,as well as rigid ABS sheets, screens and even aluminium panels.Recent product introductions include non out gassing,static-resistant softwalls; Dual Pane,telescoping wall systems; and Sound Block, sound absorbing softwalls.



PVC strip curtains and panels for modular and softwall clean rooms, to separate critical areas and to achieve greater cleanliness (from class ISO 8 down to class ISO 5).
The “AIR BLOCK” System is a clear improvement in clean room softwall technology.
Because of its high versatility, AIR BLOCK can be used to create any class of clean room from class ISO 8 down to class ISO 5.More versatile and economical than permanent wall partitions,AIR BLOCK can be used to create portable softwall rooms, laminar flow hoods, wet bench shrouds,and to divide areas in existing rooms to achieve greater cleanliness.


MAC 10

The MAC 10 XL is the original, modular, self-powered fan
filter unit, the quietest on the market.
The MAC 10 XL is the only FFU combining low sound, low watts and a low profile. Its special aluminium lid and body allow an easy installation also in very small areas.


✔ HEPA filters, H13 efficiency ≥ to 99.95% MPPS(according to EN 1822) are used in each MAC 10 to provide an ISO 5 Class working areas.

✔ The fan/motor will be direct driven, backward inclined centrifugal type allowing to single or multiple units to work separately. The motor will be rated for continuous duty, furnished with thermal overload protection and a speed controller.

✔ The aluminium housing allows to reduce the total weight of the STD unit at about 30 kg.

✔ The modular design makes it easy to fit into 2′ x4′ T-Bar or Gel Seal ceilings.

✔ The very reduced height allows the installation in very small areas.

✔ The HEPA filter face guard will be powder coated expanded steel.

✔ Motorfan, prefilters and HEPA filter are individually replaceable.

✔ The MAC 10 meets or exceeds the requirements of ISO 14644 (Airborne Particulate Cleanliness Classes)and IEST Recommended Practices.