Dicing Saws & Blades

Advanced Dicing Technologies

Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) is specialized in the development and manufacturing of systems, blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, Package Singulation and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC). ADT offers a comprehensive solution for your dicing procedures and a wide selection of dicing tools to support your process requirements. Flanges, mounting tools, dressing boards, frames and cassettes and also wafer mounting systems, wafer cleaning and tape curing systems. ADT’s dicing process development services include:

  • Dicing Process Analysis
  • Recommendation of process parameters
  • Dicing Blade sample offering
  • Diced parts for quality inspection
  • Comprehensive application report
  • On-site process evaluation
  • Follow-up for further optimization
  • Customization/new dicing blade development
  • On-going support

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7120/7130 Series –  An On-going Success Story  

The 7120 / 7130 family of 2” and 4” spindle dicing systems deliver a high level of affordability and flexibility. With different models to choose from, each optimized for a specific range of applications, the 7120 / 7130 Series covers the widest range of applications, offering the lowest possible cost of ownership while providing the most advanced dicing technology available.
The 7120 / 7130 Dicing System is an industry leading platform designed for a variety of applications such as:

  • Ceramic Substrates & Capacitors
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Glass on Silicon
  • Package Singulation (BGA, QFN)
  • SAW Filters
  • LTCC
  • Glass
  • PZT
  • LED & LED on PCB Packages
  • Opto-electronic Components
  • Sensors & MEMS
  • IC Wafers


7220 Series – Step into the Future of Dicing

With new architecture and advanced process control tools, the 7200 models deliver substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation. The system offers a wide range of advanced automation and process monitoring options to meet the requirements of your most challenging dicing applications.
The 7200 Series is offered in three configurations optimized for IC applications, package singulation or hard material applications. View 7200 Models.


  • Unique Wx3 wafer handling system streamlines wafer flow for greater productivity
  • Continuous digital magnification vision System provides optimal magnification for any eye-point
  • Special agorithm predicts blade wear rates to reduce height measurement time and increase UPH
  • Touch panel display supports a user-friendly graphical interface (GUI)
  • Atomized wafer cleaning technology for superior process results
  • Dedicated dressing cassette enables automatic blade dressing
  • Built-in Inspection tray allows for in-process quality assessment
  • Unique multi-panel processing capabilities
  • Small footprint
  • Optional: Dressing station for diamonds exposure and clogging prevention


8020 Series – Fully Automatic Twin Dicing System

The ADT 8020 Dicing Saw has two facing spindles that can simultaneously dice wafers at high throughput. ADT 8020 is a high accuracy system that can dice workpieces of up to 8-inch in diameter, at high performances and low cost of operation. The 8020 operates with the ADT intuitive New graphic User Interface (NUI), and includes two touch-screens: a 19” monitor for the main screen and a 17” monitor maintenance screen. The maintenance screen assists with performing system setup procedures, blade change and some basic maintenance operations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Flexibility – Supports Hub and Hubless blades up to 3″ O.D.
  • Spindles of 1.8 kW or 2.4 kW high power (for challenging applications)
  • Superior vision system with continuous zoom magnification
  • Intuitive operation interface using a large 19” touch screen monitor
  • Air bearing feed axis (X)
  • Automatic Kerf inspection and quality analysis for maximum precision
  • Process data logging and statistical analysis
  • Fast & Simple Blade Change with a locking spindle shaft
  • SECS/GEM platform ready
  • Full access to all areas of the system for convenient and easy maintenance


ADT offer a broad range of peripheral equipment that, along with our dicing systems, provides comprehensive and complementary solutions to our customers. ADT offer off-the-shelf configurations as well as tailor-made modifications to comply with specific customer requirements. Please click on pictures for more details.

Manual Wafer Mounting System Tape Curing System Semi-auto Wafer Mounting System Wafer Cleaning System
Water Recycling System


Choosing the right blade to suit your application is crucial to the success of your dicing process. ADT’s blade selection is comprised of three product families distinguished by bonding material: resin-bond blades, nickel-bond blades and metal-bond (sintered) blades.


  • The Nickel binder provides longer blade life and lower wear rate and together with the abrasive makes Nickel-bond Blades a perfect choice for soft material applications such as: PCB, Silicon and BGA
  • Blade thickness varies from 0.8 mil to 20 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 2-4 microns to 70 microns (depending on blade thickness)

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  • Resin as binder allows for blade wear management rendering Resin-bond Blades an excellent choice for hard and brittle materials such as: QFN/MLF, Thick Ceramic Substrates, HTCC and Glass
  • Resin Blade thickness varies from 3 mil to 100 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 3 microns to 250 microns (depending on blade thickness)

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With slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel, Metal-bond (Sintered) blades are best suited for retaining package shape and size in applications such as:

  • BGA
  • Soft Alumina
  • TiC
  • LTCC
  • Ferrite

Blade thickness varies from 3 mil to 60 mil (depending on diamond grit size) Diamond grit size ranges from 2 microns to 70 microns (depending on blade thickness) Download Brochure