Die Sorters

Datacon Tape Reel Sorter CS 1250

Sort to Tape Reel at up to 16’500 UPH – The high speed die sorter CS 1250 processes WLP and other flipped devices into tape and reels

Key features :

  • Pick, flip and place devices from wafer to tape reel with 4 point vision inspection process
  • Capable of handling devices from 0.3mm up to 10mm
  • Wafers up to 300mm diameter
  • Placement accuracy of ± 37μm @ 3 sigma
  • Post tape seal inspection
  • Tape width 8mm to 24mm
  • Placement accuracy of ± 37μm @ 3 sigma
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Real time wafer map display
  • Pressure sensitive (PSA) or heat activated (HAA) cover tapes
  • Automatic reject die management
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Datacon DS9000

Wafer to Frame Sorting at 8’000 UPH – The Datacon DS9000 system is an optimized platform for sorting 300mm or smaller wafers to tape frame. Automatically sort up to 25 bins with vision inspection and die track mapping.

Features :

  • Pick & place at up to 8’000 devices per hour
  • Sort 300 mm and smaller wafers to 300 mm or smaller output tape frames
  • Fully automatic cassette to cassette operation n Placement accuracy of +/- 50 μm
  • Vision inspection before picking and after placement
  • Die size capable from 0.5 mm – 32 mm and as thin as 50 μm
  • Electronic map import n Die track mapping of output frames
  • Optional placement to waffle packs or Gel-Paks
  • Windows® XP
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