Flip-Chip Bonders

DATACON 2200 evo

The 2200 evo high-accuracy multi-chip die bonder provides the ultimate flexibility for die attach as well as for flip chip applications.

Equipped with integrated dispenser, 12” wafer handling, automatic tool changer, and application specific tooling, the 2200 evo is prepared for present and future processes and products.

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Esec as a renowned leader in providing die bonders for trouble free high quality mass production has integrated flip chip capability into its 2100 family of die bonders: Esec’s response to driving down the cost of flip chip technology.

  • Simultaneous movement of chip and camera – no time wasted for image taking
  • Low vibrations – no time wasted for motion settling
  • Innovative parallel activity machine design with Phi-Y movement pick-and-place
  • Focused on strip based products
  • Load recipe from host and run on any machine
  • Full recipe transfer from machine to machine
  • Operator independent results ensured by auto calibration
  • Reliable and accurate flip chip process
  • Smart and safe wafer mapping
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The Datacon 8800 FC QUANTUM sigma flip chip bonder represents the next generation of the high-volume, high-accuracy 8800 platform. Beside the factory-proven QUANTUM values it provides superior speed and accuracy while drastically improving your cost-of-ownership

  • Exceptional accuracy of ± 10µm @ 3 Sigma at highest speed
  • High productivity, highest yield
  • Operator-independent quality by fully automatic machine calibration
  • Capability to handle any flip chip size
  • No restriction on substrate type (lead frames, strips, panels, wafers)
  • Ready for ultra thin die handling
  • Field-proven, reliable machine concept and production process
  • Matching the requirements of IDMs and subcons (90% market share)
  • Unbeatable benchmark for flip chip assembly equipment
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The Flipjet FJ520 is the latest evolution of the Hesse GmbH flipchip bonder platform.

The substantial experience of the Hesse GmbH in transducer development and ultrasonic technology, combined with the routine in building complex machines for fully automatic production has made this development possible.

The FJ520 is designed with the flexibility for a wide range of applications and the possible requirements of future products in mind (e.g. 12″).

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Automated Sub-micron Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® femto is a fully automated, sub-micron bonding platform for advanced packaging and optoelectronic applications.

This award winning system offers modular application architecture and can be flexibly equipped for a wide range of applications and processes. It is an ideal system for a production environment as well as for product and process development, accommodating the complete production workflow of inspection, characterization, packaging, final test and qualification.

FINEPLACER® femto has the best cost – performance ratio of its class in the market.


  • Sub-micron placement accuracy*
  • Handles ultra small to very large components
  • Fully-automated operation and assembly process
  • Supports wafer/substrate sizes up to 12″ *
  • Supports bonding forces up to 500 N*
  • Highly flexible platform architecture
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • Long-term stability

* depending on configuration and application

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SET FC 150

FC150: The Most Flexible High Accuracy Die Bonder

with ± 0.5 µm placement accuracy and ± 1 µm post-bond accuracy, the SET FC150 Die/Flip Chip Bonder offers the latest evolutions in bonding techniques. With configurations ranging from manual to full automation, the FC150 provides development and production capabilities on a single upgradeable cost-effective platform. The high degree of flexibility offered on the FC150 makes it the machine of choice for advanced research with the ability to move directly into pilot production. Designed to maximize accuracy and versatility, the FC150 answers almost every need in high-end bonding applications.

Available as a fully automated system to level, align and bond components ranging in size from 0.2 to 100 mm, the FC150 supports a complete range of bonding applications, including Reflow, Thermo-compression, Thermosonic, Adhesives and Fusion bonding.

The FC150 accommodates a wide variety of processes and materials, including extremely fragile materials such as GaAs and HgCdTe. Active leveling is made possible through a motorized pitch & roll system combined with autocollimation or laser leveling. Bond process changes are easily achieved.


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Flexible Sub-micron Die BonderThe FINEPLACER® lambda is a flexible sub-micron bonder used for precise placement, die attach and advanced packaging. The system offers outstanding flexibility with a modular design and can be easily reconfigured for different applications.

The system offers outstanding flexibility with a modular design and can be easily reconfigured for different applications. It is the ideal choice for low volume production, prototyping, education and R&D where process flexibility is the key.

This cost- effective die bonder handles a wide range of sophisticated processes, including Indium bonding as well as extremely sensitive materials such as GaAs or GaP.


  • Sub-micron placement accuracy
  • Unique optical resolution
  • Handles ultra small components
  • Special tools allow object sizes down to 5 µm*
  • Supported substrate size up to 6″ *
  • Closed loop force control*
  • Small footprint and compact design
  • Optics movement with programmable positions
* depending on configuration and application


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