REAL Chambers Corporation traces its roots to 1997 when MVE, Inc. launched its first HALT/HASS chamber. MVE was, in turn, acquired by Chart Industries in 2000 and the REAL Chambers brand was created shortly thereafter. Since that time, the number of REAL Chambers produced, installed and operated has progressively grown and led to REAL HALT/HASS being used at nearly 300 locations around the world, helping electronic product designers design and build more reliable products. REAL Chambers utilizes state of the art product designs, a sophisticated and proven supply chain and expert third party partners for consulting services, and is an authorized reseller of Chart Industries Vacuum Jacketed Cryogenic solutions.

HALT Testing (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) is a proven method utilized by today’s leading manufacturers to find design defects and weaknesses in electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies. These defects often appear in end-use applications, causing product failures after the product is released. As a result, HALT Testing allows to greatly improve product quality, reduce time to market and cut warranty costs.