industrial surface treatment



Gas Plasma is used widely throughout the world
for a broad variety of industrial applications covering industries such as automotive, aerospace,
batteries, electrical, food packaging, electronics,
fuel cells, glass, optics, plastics, packaging, shipbuilding ,space, and textiles. New applications are being developed daily and the field continues to grow at an enormous rate because it offers an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative
to wet chemistries.


Residual cleaning of organics at the molecular level
on materials such as glass, metals, plastics,
polymers or composites prior to bonding, potting,
printing, marking, painting or labeling.
Plasma de-smear and etch-back of PCB’s allows
for the smear left on via walls after drilling to be
removed before metallization can occur.
In the optical disc mastering industry plasma
cleans optical disc stampers, improves replicate
release properties, and is used to eliminate certain
types of defects on the disk masters

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