Liquid Cooled Thermal System


 Liquid Cooled Thermal System 


Designed to deliver high thermal precision requirements of semiconductor manufacturers in Silicon Valley – now available and supported in Europe.

Peltier Effect : When a voltage is applied to a Thermoelectric Device it
creates a temperature difference
Because the direction of heating and cooling is determined by the polarity
of the applied voltage, thermoelectric devices are efficient and accurate
temperature controllers.

Features :

• Scalable Thermal System with Multiple Independent Heads

• Focused Temperature on Device

• Unique Solution for High Power Dissipation

• Precise Temperature Control

• Thermal Diode Feedback Capability

• LabView Environment

• Data logging

• Reduced Floor Footprint and Head Positioning

• System supported by Electron Mec’s Full Turn-key Solution    including PCB, Socket etc. and Training

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