Manual die Bonders


FINEPLACER® matrix ma

Semi-automatic Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® matrix ma is a semi-automatic bonder representing the latest development from Finetech. Encompassing the “Built to be Best” philosophy, this system points the way forward for the Finetech product family.

Incorporating a new ergonomic approach to bonder design, this state-of-the-art platform, with large working area and high placement accuracy, combines application modularity within an open hardware and software environment.

Supporting a virtually unlimited field of applications and numerous bonding technologies, the system ensures compatibility with future technologies as users transition from R&D into production.

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Multi-purpose Die Bonder

The FINEPLACER® pico ma, a multi-purpose bonder, offers high placement accuracy (5 micron), allowing for bonding of the smallest die with a pitch of down to 50 µm.

This versatile platform is used in a wide field of micro assembly applications – such as flip chip and die bonding.

Designed for prototyping or low-volume production, R&D and universities

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TPT HB75 Semiautomatic Die Bonder

  • Pick & Place Microchip from Die-Carrier and place it to your surface
  • Epoxy Dispensing. Simple and exact handling.
  • Epoxy Stamping. Fast and precise stamping process.
  • Rotation Bondhead for Quick Change between tools.
  • True vertical Z movement. Motorized Z-axis with 90° linear movement.
  • Angle alignment. Microchip alignment thru the rotable work plate.
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