Mask and wafer cleaners

Photomask Equipment

SUSS MicroTec’s systems for photomask processing are designed for high-quality photomask cleaning and related processes.

MaskTrack Pro

MaskTrack Pro is designed to balance the most stringent conditions of 193i 1x nm half-pitch (hp) DPT, extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUVL) and nanoimprint lithography (NIL) processing with innovative techniques to maximize mask performance. Its modular platform guarantees maximum flexibility and customization. With its highest first pass cleaning yield MaskTrack Pro has been accepted as the platform of choice in the industry.

  • Unique combination of physical and chemical cleaning technologies
  • Sulphate-free cleaning of 193i photo masks
  • Holistic mask management in an EUVL environment
  • Bake and develop system for next-generation lithography
  • Special system for imprint templates


HmX Square

The HMxSquare is designed for high quality substrate processing in photomask applications as well as opto-electronics, OLEDand special semiconductor back-end (MEMS) applications. It offers develop, etch and cleaning functionalities. The HMxSquare is manually operated and enables processing of small series or pilot production of special substrate.

  • 3mm – 250nm technology
  • State-of-the-art electronics and software
  • Variety of different chucks for damage-free handling
  • Safe storage of chemicals
  • Small footprint



The ASx series is SUSS MicroTec’s automated photomask processing platform with advanced bake, develop and clean technologies. The series offers the reliability, stability and performance needed to meet critical challenges in defect-free processing of masks.

  • For processes within 250nm to 90nm technology nodes
  • Substrates: binary and phase masks, photomasks and other square substrates up to 9”, round substrates (wafer or imprint masks)
  • Resist strip and pre-clean, final clean, pellicle adhesive cleaning, backside cleaning of pellicalized masks
  • Choice of cleaning technologies
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