Mask Aligners


Experience pays – with its mask aligners SUSS MicroTec has set the standard for high-resolution proximity lithography for decades. The equipment boasts high reliability and sub-micron alignment accuracy. The product line ranges from lab aligners to fully automated production solutions.






Easy to use and compact in size the SUSS MicroTec MJB4 represents the perfect system for laboratories and small volume production. As an inexpensive photolithography solution the MJB4 has set industry standards specifically for processing of small substrates and pieces up to 100mm. Equipped with a reliable, high precision alignment and high resolution printing capability in the submicron range the MJB4 demonstrates a performance unsurpassed by any comparable machine. Download Brochure.

  • High resolution printing down to 0.5µm
  • Fast and accurate alignment with SUSS Singlefield or Splitfield Microscope
  • High Resolution Optics optmized for thick resists
  • The Universal Optics Option for fast switching between different wavelengths
  • Upgradable with a retrofit kit for UV-Nanoimprint Lithography


MA/BA Gen 4

The MA/BA Gen4 series represents the latest generation of SUSS MicroTec’s semi-automated mask and bond aligner and introduces a new platform system.

The MA/BA Gen4 series is the entry-level model, available as MA/BA6 Gen4 and MA/BA8 Gen4. With its enhanced ergonomic and user-friendly design, cost efficiency and reduced footprint, it is the perfect tool for use in research and low-volume production. Download Brochure.

  • High resolution exposure optics
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Process flexibility


MA/BA  Gen 4 Pro Series

The MA/BA Gen4 Pro mask and bond aligner is the all-rounder of all SUSS MicroTec’s semi-automated mask aligners, and thus offers a wide range of application possibilities. It supports substrate sizes of up to 150 mm and 200 mm.

Thanks to numerous tools and options, as well as settable process parameters, it offers maximum flexibility for research and development or production processes. A fully developed design and leading edge technology make the MA/BA Gen4 Pro series the ideal platform to develop future technology.

Thus setting new standards for MEMS, advanced packaging, 3D integration and compound semiconductor applications. Download Brochure.

  • Higly precise aligment
  • High resolution
  • Flexibility for various applications





MA 100/150e Gen 2

With the MA100/150e Gen2 SUSS MicroTec has designed a dedicated mask aligner platform for processing high brightness LEDs (HB-LED) on substrates up to 150mm. With its high precision alignment, sophisticated substrate handling for fragile, warped and transparent wafers and its high resolution down to 0.7µm the MA100/150e Gen2 is able to overcome all lithography challenges given by the LED manufacturing process. Lowest cost of ownership is achieved by superior throughput performance. Download Brochure.


MA 200 Gen 3

Especially designed for high volume production the MA200 Gen3 mask aligner is suited for automated processing of square substrates and wafers up to 200 mm. It combines leading-edge 1x lithography technology with a variety of innovative features making it the system of choice for thick resist MEMS applications, 3D patterning over topography and advanced packaging applications such as 3D packaging, fan-out, bumping as well as compound semiconductor and image sensors. Download Brochure.

  • Leading process stability
  • Unmatched throughput for thick materials
  • Process flexibility for a multitude of applications



MO Exposure opitcs benefits


MO Exposure Optics is a major step forward in yield improvements providing high resolution at even large proximity gaps for all SUSS Mask Aligners.

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