Pick and place , Dispensing tools

Vacuum Pick-Up Tools – Rubber, Plastic, Metallic, Tungsten Carbide or Ceramic

 Tool Categories :

  • Replaceable Tips
  • Single or 2 Piece Construction
  • Custom or Special Application Tools

A tool designed to pick-up, hold, transfer and place a die or a component on a substrate. The tool may be  a replaceable tip only or composed of a body, called shank, adapted to a specific die bonder or pick & place equipment and a tip making the physical contact with the die or device. No matter how sensitive, small or exotic the die, we have a dedicated tool or we are ready to design it.

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Fluid Dispensing tools


  • Static Single or Multi Needle/Hole Dispensing
  • Single Shot or Programmable Dispensing Nozzle
  • Stamping or Pin Transfer Tool

In general, dispensing can be defined as transfer of fluid from a container (typically a syringe) to a substrate in a form of pattern or calculated volumes to host a die or component. In electronics industry, there are various methods that have evolved to keep up with the rapid development of manufacturing need for adhesives and epoxies in a wide array of packaging assemblies. Over the years, dispensing applications have expanded to other areas needed for new types of packaging encapsulation techniques. A wide variety of fluid materials with different viscosity are being used, from solder paste, conductive adhesives and damming compound to fluxes, thermal paste and underfills.

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