Reliability Testers (EM,TDDB,HC NBTI)

FormFactor‘s reliability test systems grow with your needs. Whether you start with the Symphony test system for small WLR applications or the 1164 test system for large PLR or WLR applications – the modular, scalable design allows easy expansion in the future.Complete WLR solutions can be configured with single-site and multi-site probe cards, and manual, semi-automatic, and fully-automatic probe systems. For fully-automated testing, a controlling software is available. 



Symphony WLR is a compact wafer-level reliability (WLR) test system that supports Cascade Microtech’s comprehensive suite of intrinsic reliability test applications such as EM, TDDB, BTI and HCI. When combined with Cascade Microtech’s Conductor software package, a fully automated test solution is provided.

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Whether your needs are big or small, the 1164 Reliability Test System is right for you. This versatile test platform offers a large portfolio of reliability test applications in a single integrated system. One compact test system handles multiple simultaneous experiments, which can either be the same or different application types, each at different test temperatures. The system is easily expanded or reconfigured to meet changing requirements. An intuitive Windows 7-based user interface provides experiment control and data analysis capabilities. Statistical analysis software provides failure analysis and lifetime projections.

Features and Benefits

  • The 1164 system performs package-level reliability (PLR) and/or wafer-level reliability (WLR)
  • Compact, configurable system handles multiple applications – mix and match:
    • Multiple varieties of EM/SM, TDDB/SILC/BTS, MTTDDB, and HCI/BTI Applications Modules
    • Multiple options for Notebook Ovens – maximum PLR temperatures of 250°C, 350°C and 450°C – all provide WLR interface as well
  • System reduces cost per test with independent Notebook Ovens and true parallel measurement for more accurate test results in less time
  • One scalable system for multiple needs reduces initial investment and future expansion costs
  • Long-life PLR DUT boards reduce cost of ownership

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Cascade Microtech’s application modules provide accurate source/measurement electronics and test algorithm execution for a wide variety of reliability tests.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible with both 1164 and Symphony reliability test systems
  • Very high level of parallelism and continuous monitoring to capture detailed test results and log measurements before they can be masked by self-healing characteristics
  • Each Application Module operates independently of the others, and a system may be configured with multiple types of modules