Multipurpose Fast Ramping Process Furnace

PEO 601 – 603 – 604 – 612


  • Green energy no energy/gas consumption during stand by process mode: loading at room temperature – ramp up/ multiple ramps- processing with multiple soak steps – controlled active cool down
  • max. 1100°C continuous wafer/substrate temperature
  • Excellent low temperature capability: 150°C – 1 100°C with < +/- 1,5 K over all uniformity by gas preheating • 100 steps per program
  • Ultimate vacuum ~ 7 x 10-7 mbar
  • Up to 100 process wafers with < +/- 1,5 K over all uniformity
  • Fastest ramping: within 15 minutes up to 1 000°C – less 60 minutes to < 100 °C
  • Slowest ramping: 1 K per 100 minutes
  • Semiconductor grade quartz glass process chamber
  • Multipurpose: with easy swap quartz glass In Liners/elephants
  • Floor space saving: short process tube with all side heaters
  • True atmospheric pressure H2/CO/CH4/C2H2 processing safety: quartz glass process chamber inside N2 purged metal box
  • Up to 300 mm Ø or 12″ x 12″
  • Semi S II safety standards for PH3/B2H6/GeH4/SeH2
  • IR lamp heated on request
  • O2 < 0,1 ppm


The multipurpose fast ramping process furnaces PEO with energy and floor space saving capability are Kanthal ® wire heated “hot wall” process ovens. The PEOs are ideal for R&D, process development of unique and sophisticated new processes as well for low to medium volume production.


LPCVD, CVD, Epitaxy, Polysilicon, Silicon Nitride, LTO, TEOS, solid/liquid/gas precursor diffusion, low k, HSQ, HMDS, wet/dry thermal oxide, Pyrogenic oxidation, VECSEL, MOCVD, Trans LC, Si nano wires, post implanting annealing, carbon nano tubes, Graphene, solar cell, batch ALD, Polyimide/BCB curing, wafer bump reflow, alloying, thick film paste firing, LTCC sintering, annealing under inert atmosphere/Hydrogen/high vacuum, Tellurium/Se/Hg PVD

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