Silicon Wafers and Crystals


Sil’tronix Silicon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of silicon wafers and silicon crystals. Since 2013 provides:

  • High values silicon products customized on small and medium series
  • A very high quality level and reliability (SEMI standard)
  • Its vast experience with specific production resources




Silicon  wafers:

  • Standard Wafers
  • Misoriented Wafers
  • Heavily doped Wafers
  • Customized diameter Wafers
  • Wafers with additional layer
  • Thin Wafers

Specific products:

  • Silicon Crystals
  • Zero Background Holders
  • X-ray Crystals
  • THz sources
  • Sputtering target


  • CZ specific ingots
  • Machining-slicing-dcing
  • Downsizing-Edge grinding
  • Surface preparation
  • Thermal dry oxide layer (up to 300um)
  • Deposition and Metalization


Electron Mec distributes  Virginia Semiconductor wafers and services.VSI is a leading manufacturer of prime silicon substrates supplying production quantities of 1”-150mm diameter silicon, and small quantities of custom-silicon substrates. SOI substrates are the fastest growing Virginia Semiconductor product; Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. offers 100mm, 150mm, 25.4mm, 50.8mm, and 76.2mm diameter SOI manufactured by silicon wafer bonding.

As always, Virginia Semiconductor can actually make any silicon wafer to any specification and continues to supply small, complicated orders to valued customers. Many Virginia Semiconductor customers require double-side-polished silicon wafers. Crystal growth, grinding, slicing, lapping, polishing, oxidation, and SOI are all in-house manufacturing activities being achieved at our Fredericksburg, Virginia facility.




Virginia Semiconductor Inc. has been producing ULTRATHIN® Silicon substrates since 1988 (<250um thick). After many years of development, VSI offers Double Side Polished silicon wafers as thin as 8-10um and Single Side Polished wafers as thin as 90um. These extremely thin wafers and foils have been produced for niche-market customers and R&D specialists. ULTRATHIN® Silicon Wafers having diameters ranging from 25.4mm to 150mm have been supplied. VSI has also supplied thermally oxidized ULTRATHIN® Silicon Wafers with a range of oxide thickness; even the thinnest VSI silicon wafers and foils have been successfully oxidized.
In 1994 VSI was awarded the Photonics Circle of Excellence Award for ULTRATHIN® Silicon Wafers used in optical applications. Only 25 products each year are selected for this award. After ten additional years of development and production, our ULTRATHIN® Silicon wafers have found use in a variety of R&D and manufacturing applications. Today the VSI thin wafer products enjoy greatly improved surface micro-roughness and total thickness variations. However,  these specifications can not presently match those of standard Double Side Polished or Haze-Free Wafers. Several manufacturers are using small quantities of these wafers in full sensor fabrication processes and commercial products (both 100mm diameter and 150mm diameter). When handling ULTRATHIN® Silicon Wafers VSI recommends using shovel style Teflon coated tweezers or modified vacuum wands or vacuum tweezers.
Although these wafers are extremely flexible, they will quickly break under the wrong forces or pinching. Also, one must be very careful handling these wafers. HEPA filters and air handling systems make handling these wafers difficult, since the wafers are foils and can easily float away.



SOI – Bonded Wafers

Virginia Semiconductor, Inc. offers Silicon-On-Insulator (SOI) bonded wafer substrates. VSI supplies, manufacturers, as well as R&D engineers, with custom SOI substrates for applications in Sensor Devices, MEMS, Optics, Bio Tech, and Discrete Devices.

VSI has manufactured SOI wafers for production since 1999. Since VSI specializes in manufacturing custom silicon substrates, we can better serve your bonded-wafer needs for special applications. VSI will help you to develop the correct specifications for your bonded-wafer substrates, as well as methods to integrate the bonded-wafer to your existing or future device fabrication process.

Wafer Properties
Thermal SiO2 Layer Thickness 0.5 µm – 4.0 µm
Handle Wafer Thickness 100 µm – 2000 µm
Device Wafer Thickness 10 µm – 2000 µm
Device Wafer Tolerance 1.0 µm – 25 µm
Device and Handle Wafer resistivities 0.00055 – 10,000 ohm-cm
Crystal Orientation & Dopant Any
Wafer Diameter 50.8mm, 76.2mm, 100mm, & 50mm