Spin & Spray Coating, Development



SUSS MicroTec‘s coater product line offers smartly designed equipment for a wide range of coat and develop processes. With the application of special toolings and technologies the tools can be tailored to specific process requirements to achieve excellent process results.

Manual Spin Coaters/Developers & Spray Coaters

The Delta series is the perfect tool for R&D, universities and start-up companies – MEMS, wafer level packaging, 3D-Integration, compound semiconductor. LabSpin Systems are offered as table top systems or for integration into a wet bench. A wide range of accessories, including the unique Gyrset cover for very demanding applications (thin & thick layers), is also available.

The SUSS MicroTec patent pending AltaSpray approach delivers consistent conformal coatings over various structures having a sidewall slope from 0 to 90° and even more.




SUSS MicroTec Gamma Spin Coater

Automated Spin Coaters and Spray Coaters

Highly automated, modular spin and spray coaters for wafers up to 300mm – 3D-Integration, Wafer Bumping, Wafer Level Packaging, MEMS, Compound Semiconductor.

Advanced Wet Processing Solutions to Support Your R&D and Manufacturing Operations

SUSS MicroTec offers offers a variety of wet processes for aqueous or solvent based chemistry. With a broad range of dispense systems like puddle or stream dispense, spray and high pressure nozzles the process modules can be configured for a wide variety of applications like photoresist develop, metal lift-off, cleaning or resist stripping. Additional options like temperature control to point-of use, filtration and media recirculation contribute to reduced media consumption and guarantee optimum cost-of ownership control