UV – Ozone Cleaners

UV – 2 Bench top UV-Ozone Cleaning System

Process up to 8″ wafers.  SAMCO’s UV-2 is a compact, high-performance, bench top, UV-Ozone Cleaning system. The UV-2 is modular in design and can be configured specifically, upon order, for a number of cleaning, stripping or UV-curing applications.This system is drawer loaded and uses patented technology to uniformly distribute ozone and UV light over the surface of wafers or other substrates. The system employs a programmable logic controller and safety interlocks to protect the operator from hazardous exposure to process ozone and UV light.This easy to operate system uses a unique combination of ultraviolet radiation, ozone and heat to gently, yet effectively, remove organic materials from a variety of substrates including silicon, gallium arsenide (GaAs), Sapphire, metals, ceramics, quartz and glass.The versatile UV-2 is well-suited for a variety of applications such as substrate cleaning, photoresist descumming, improving wettability, and UV curing. By operating at atmospheric pressure, the SAMCO UV-2 eliminates the need for a cumbersome, high-maintenance vacuum system. This system is CE marked and UL certified.

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UV-300 UV-Ozone Cleaning System

Process up to 12″ wafers. SAMCO’s UV-300 uses a combination of ultraviolet radiation and ozone to remove organic materials from a variety of substrates, improve wettability and enhance adhesion. The UV-300 is clean, reliable and simple to operate. Unlike plasma cleaning systems, it does not damage delicate structures or require a complicated, high-maintenance vacuum system. Nor does it use wet chemistry’s messy, corrosive or toxic solvents.

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UV-Ozone Cleaning System

SAMCO’s UV-300HC is a completely dry UV Ozone Cleaning process equipped with cassette to cassette mechanism to strip photoresist and to remove all types of organic contaminant using both UV light radiation and high concentration ozone. This system includes two cassettes and can have a max. of 12 trays/cassette.

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